Friday, November 6, 2009

Be conservative about lighting and smart about personal safety.

Energy conservation is very important, and so is personal safety. If you decide to install the rope lights or icicle lights along the edge of your roof and you've never climbed that far up on a ladder before, it would be wise to hire a professional lighting company to attach them. A few dollars spent on personal safety is quite a few dollars saved on a hospital trip. Also, notice that your January light bill reveals the savings reaped from more conservative lighting. Another thing on the plus side of the ledger. You're a smart consumer; be proud of yourself.

Spread the word about energy saving bulbs for the holidays

You may end up buying more lights this year due to the energy savings from using energy efficient bulbs. Tell your neighbors what you are doing and they might decide to jump on the bandwagon of energy conservation, too. It's really everyone's responsibility. If you have an area you would like to light this year that you haven't before, take the dimensions of the area to your local lighting store. The representative there can help you with just how much lighting to buy. Outdoor Christmas figures are also available with LED lighting. Ask about these if you like them.

Rope lights and icicle lights are very attractive

Rope lights come with LED bulbs. They come on spools of 12 to 30 feet long, making them ideal for many holiday ideas. If you have tall columns on your front stoop, rope lights are ideal for wrapping around these for a festive look. Or what about the deck railings. The installation is so easy. A lot of home owners love to drape lights across the front of their house. Icicle lights also come in LED lights that save about 80% on power usage over older bulbs and are perfect for that purpose. Visit a lighting supply store to see some of these energy efficient lights.

Check out solar lights and how you can use them.

Not only are LED lights available for this year's outdoor holiday decorating, but there are also solar bulbs. Several different areas of your property might work with these lights. Some of them come mounted on a pole or stick that can be pushed into the ground wherever you see fit to place them. What about placing a few around your patio or deck for a little lighting out back. They are also quite functional on either side of the driveway or the sidewalks to your home. Be sure to place them where they will get full sunlight during the day.

Why energy conservation at Christmas?

Everyone has heard how important it is to conserve energy. That's not really what we want to hear when its time to put up our outdoor lighting display. But, what if you were told you could decorate as much as ever by utilizing the new LED Christmas bulbs. They are bright and cheerful and come in both colors and clear white bulbs. Maybe it's not possible to replace all your outdoor bulbs at once. Nevertheless, try substituting a few sets of lights with more energy efficient bulbs.